Hoya Kerri (Mini) - "Sweetheart Plant"


Moss Pole 80cm


Zamioculcas - "Zz plant"


Maranta Fascinator - "Prayer Plant"

New Lines


Sarracenia Pitcher Plant Fly Carnivorous Catcher


Fittonia Mini White - "Nerve Plant"


Fittonia Pink Special - "Nerve Plant"


Burnt Orange Terracotta Glossy Pot 24x22cm

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The Greenery - House Plants, Planters, Pots

Welcome to The Greenery, where our aim is to 'Bring your home to life'. We're a family run business located on the east coast of Norfolk. We started this journey with an abundance of knowledge growing our sister company @Floraandcoeflorist, for many years, nurturing our skills in the world of flowers and growing our business!

Why not visit our shop, open every Friday and Saturday between 9am - 2pm.

Passion has brought us to the indoor plants from succulents to the exotic, we've learnt so much along the way we decided it was time to share that love with you, in the hope you guys will love houseplants as much as we do!

An indoor garden is such a universal and bold statement these days, why would you not want to get involved?

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